Saturday, 12 March 2011

Prophetik AW11 collection at London Fashion Week

Titled ‘Artist Wonderment’,
designer Jeff Garner was inspired by the fashionable French court of Louis XV where frivolity reigned and egos were high, but turns this pretension around to appreciate the wonderment of an artist.
Prophetik is an ethical range so the fabrics used are eco-friendly such as hemp and organic velour. He’s introduced two new fabrics this season: the cactus silk made from the agave plant and his own great grandmother’s 100year old southern quilts!
The quilts were a patchwork of soft colours, but the main colour palette of the collection was neutrals, white, black
   .......and the splashing of rich hues (well it is Louis XV inspired) in emerald, plum, violet, deep scarlet and burgundy.
One of his key pieces was of course the finale dress called ‘Mrs Moulton’ made of hand sewn white ostrich feathers on white silk and silk organza. Why it was called this I don’t know, maybe because the ostrich naturally moults its feathers twice a year? Or it could be Jeff’s old next door neighbour.
Whatever the reason, the feathers gave an otherwise simple gown a touch of grace and playful frothiness.
Another key piece was called ‘Lola’ named after his great grandmother. Here Lola’s old quilt was given a new lease of life as a corset panel and quilted hood. Teamed with wool jodhpurs (considerately lined in linen) which are embellished with reclaimed gold piping and antique gold buttons.
Not all the skirts lengths were sweeping the floor. There were a few day dresses in the collection. 
and Grandma Garner's quilt adorned the bodice -now that’s recycling at its best .

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