Monday, 21 March 2011

ZIAD GHANEM AW11 Collection at London Fashion Week

Titled ‘Never End, Never End, Never End’ 

the collection’s inspiration came from the horror video game ‘Silent Hill’ and the supernatural works of painter John Henry Fuseli.

Here performers as well as models sashayed down the catwalk and sashay they did.
Opening the show saw Marnie Scarlett, an alternative performer, hunched over like an old hag in a black jacquard full length hooped gown.

Raising her head and showing her joker like mask, she grew and grew in height 

until she was way above our heads, whilst performing a fan dance with two large green feathered fans. She obviously was on stilts but everything was so gracefully done. How can you top that?

Well the rest of the show didn’t disappoint starting with male models in long evening gowns with transparent tops. Here seen in a fish tailed netted gown  or....

..... looking tomb like embellished in gold

The Prince of Darkness strides in wearing a chiffon cloak

 Helen Crawford the first soloist ballet dancer kept on her toes by pirouetting down the catwalk in a pale lilac ethereal strapless dress and grey veil,

transgender singer SaHHara strutted her stuff in a sparkling sequined fish tailed gown, 

whilst artists Paul and Nora Battenberg-Cartwright as a gostly bride and groom in white with black print and black veils strew petals on the floor. 

Not all was gothic and horror; there was lightness in the middle of the show with draped vintage silk chiffon strapless gowns ready to take flight as the winged messenger in grey...

or bringing a fleeting taste of  innocence in floaty pale pink,

and a touch of drama in turquoise edged in green with envy,

... raising the temperature in hot fuchsia..

and ready to take flight in blue and white.  

But it was back to Gothic black with cobweb like embellishments.

Then came to turn of the femme fatales. The first in passionate pink with a death plunging neckline.

Whilst the blood red body con fish tailed gown squeezed the breath out of the next femme fatale 

and this virginal gown was not so innocent with its precarious neckline

And the last model proved you don't have to be stick thin to look glamorous.
A great show to end the day.

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