Thursday, 20 October 2011

Get organized with a Bagpod

Ever struggled finding anything in your bag? I constantly have to tip everything out so I can find my house keys, a move I do not recommend when you’re on the bus and your stop is the next one.
And what about the times you thought you’d transferred all the essentials from one handbag to another only to discover you’d left your mobile at home in the other bag?
After spending 25 years abroad as an expat, Swedish Marianne Sparrenius-Walters, had to be organised to keep her family’s tickets, passports etc safe and came up with the idea of Bagpod.

Bagpod is a handmade handbag organiser in butter soft leather or natural canvas which you pop in to your own handbag.
It has six internal pockets including one zipped, and four external pockets: three on one side and one large zipped on the other.
All these pockets allow you to compartmentalise  your essentials for easy access and when you want to change handbags, all you have to do is transfer the bagpod out of the old and in to the new.
The bagpod can also be used on its own as a clutch due to the top being zipped.

There are three sizes: small (21cm x 15cm x 5cm), medium (26cm x 19cm x 5cm) and large (36cm x 23cm x 5xm) and various colours: red, green, black, orange.

Prices range from £22.95

Available from

Images provided by Dee Vesali PR 

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