Friday, 21 October 2011

Purrrfect for the cold weather is the House of Skadi Faux Fur Hat

Well it's more than a hat: it's a cosy and cute combo of furry hat, scarf and mittens - fun and practical at the same time! Practical - you'll never leave your gloves on the tube again, you know when you take them off because it's so warm, put them on your lap, get up and hey presto they're on the train floor and you're on the platform before you realise..

But really it's the fun part that makes these hats. Those really cute ears and paws mixed with the grown up glamour of those feline prints:, leopard, black jaguar and snow lynx.They are bound to be one of the must haves of the cold season and already favoured by Fearne Cotton.
Brothers James and Alex Penny established the brand after their travels around South East Asia and were inspired by the Korean kitsch fashion.

Prices start from £87 and available from

Images provided by Dee Vesali PR

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