Saturday, 22 October 2011

Traditional Mukluks get a makeover with MUKS

For winter we don’t just want our boots to look good but also to be comfortable and keep us warm.
A big responsibility for a pair of boots, but Jaime Cooke, founder of Muks, saw the potential in the  traditional mukluk boots the Canadian Aboriginals wore when hunting in the snow and knew she could make them work for the fashion conscious who wanted comfort as well as  style.
Derived from the Yupik (native language of Siberia and Alaska) word ‘muklak’ meaning large seal, the mukluk boots were so called because they were usually made of sealskin. However moose hide and reindeer skins were also used.  These soft sturdy boots allowed the hunters to move quickly and quietly. To keep extra warm they were insulated with animal furs, and to look good (even hunters want to look stylish) adorned with pompoms or tassels and beaded patterns

Jaime adapted the mukluk boot in to a range of fashionable warm boots:

The Original Muks have a drawstring cord adorned with pompoms to secure the top edge of the boot and hand finished beading in diamond and arrow design.  This beadwork is hand sewn by native Aboriginals at local First Nations Reserves.  You can choose between rabbit or faux fur. 
Wine suede with beading, grey faux fur, fleece lining and water resistant natural rubber sole stamped with Muks on bottom.  £300

Black suede beading, black rabbit fur, fleece lining and a crepe sole derived from the rubber tree. The crepe sole is more suitable for dry winter climates. £325


It’s a wrap for the Short & Tall Wraps:
Inspired by the Inuits of Canada, designed exclusively by Muks. These tall and short boots are made of rabbit or faux fur which fully opens and wraps around the leg. This is then held securely in place with suede straps criss crossing around the leg and tied with a side bow. 
Tall wrap in brown suede with faux fur, beaded diamond design and water resistant rubber sole stamped with Muks on the bottom. £350

Short wrap in charcoal grey suede with grey rabbit fur, fleece lining and crepe sole. £325


1970’s Bohemian look: Muks Luxury collection
This luxe collection includes the ankle boot trimmed with longy fur and the knee high wedge.  
The tall Numtijah Wedge boot goes for the shaggy look. Here  in black suede and black Mongolian Lamb, sheepskin lining and rubber wedge sole. Also available in brown and grey

Celebrities who have discovered comfort and style go together with Muks Muklus are Kate Moss (apparently their first customer), Kate Hudson, Elle Macpherson, Beyonce, Paris Hilton and Jennifer Lopez to name a few.

More details to be found on their website

Images provided by Dee Vesali PR

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