Sunday, 11 November 2012

H&M collaboration with Maison Martin Margiela

Thurs 15 Nov is when the new H&M designer collaboration with French fashion house Maison Martin Margiela goes on sale.
Horizontally worn dress £99.99 re-edition from SS2005

This collection is a re-edition of iconic pieces from MMM’s archive which have been reproduced in updated shapes and materials. The key features are oversized, ambiguity, transformation and turning the process of tailoring into a look. The colour palette is kept classic with shades of white, black and nude accented with glamorous splashes of red, blue and silver.

Coats, jackets, trousers and turtle neck sweaters are oversized and baggy giving that just borrowed from the boyfriend look.

 Pea coat  £179.99 , worn with oversized turtle neck cashmere jumper £79.99.  Both a re-edition of the MMM's AW 2000/1

Wool jacket £99.99 a re-edition from SS2000
Worn with mini skirt trousers combo £59.99 re-edition from AW1989/90
Circle shirt £49.99 re-edition of SS2002

 Accessories also get the oversized treatment with an enlarged key ring necklace and an extended oversized metal watch strap with faceless watch  as a belt.
Enlarged key ring necklace £34.99 re-edition from AW2010/11
Worn with oversized turtle neck cashmere jumper £79.99.  a re-edition of the MMM's AW 2000/1
Hitched up skirt £59.99 re-edition of SS2003

Tailoring Processes
The tailor’s pattern cut becomes the design for jacket and trousers whilst the classic white shirt takes on a circular pattern cut shape.

Pattern cut suede jacket £149.99 re-edition from SS1998 with rhinestone plastic tape belt £9.99 re-edition of SS2003
Worn with oversized wool skirt £59.99 re-edition from AW 2000/1
Knee high leather boots with removed heel £149.99 re-edition form SS2008

Adjusted biker jacket  £179.99 a re-edition from SS2012.
Worn with lining dress £59.99 a re-edition from AW1992/3

Darted polo neck jumper £69.99 re-edition from AW1990/1
Worn with a fusion of two dresses £69.99 a re-edition of AW1993/4
Knee high leather boots with removed heel £149.99 re-edition form SS2008

Circle shirt £49.99 re-edition of SS2002
Worn with trousers transformed into a long skirt £59.99 - re-edition from AW 1989/90
Glove evening coin purse £29.99 re-edition of SS1999


Is that girl just wearing a bra?  No it’s the nude body with integrated black bra. £29.99 re-edition from SS2009
Worn with oversized jeans £39.99 a re-edition of the AW2000/1 collection
Carrying silver candy clutch bag £34.99 re-edition of SS2010

Trompe l’oeil print transforms a high necked jersey dress into a low cut sequined evening dress. Re-edition from SS1996 £59.99
Wearing faceless watch bracelet £29.99 re-edition from AW2006/7

Clear Perspex wedges on footwear create the illusion of an invisible heel. £199.99 re-edition from SS2007
Here shown with oversized day dress  £69.99 re-edition from SS2000
Leather glove clutch £79.99 re-edtion from AW2007/8

Transformation takes place when the duvet becomes an oversized cosy padded coat, the glove an evening coin purse (already shown in 8th image) and clutch (already shown in above image) , and an enormous candy wrapper as a shiny metallic clutch bag.
Duvet coat £179.99 re-edition of AW1999/2000
Worn with mirror ball legging £29.99 re-edition from SS2009

 But it also comes in the guise of two dresses, one long and one short, fused together to create one dress (already shown in 7th image) and  knitted socks sewn into a sweater.(below)
Sock sweater - a re-edtion of AW1991/2 £59.99
Worn with trousers transformed into a long skirt £59.99 - re-edition from AW 1989/90
Upside down leather shoulder bag £149.99 re-edition from SS2006

 Candy clutch bags £34.99 re-edition of SS2010

Once again H&M are bringing affordable designer labels to the high street, so treat yourself to an early Xmas present and start queuing up early on the 15th Nov.

Look Book Images by Paul Wetherell
Campaign shots by Sam Taylor-Johnson


  1. Ok, I love every single one of these looks, I sure would love a skirt like that and an oversized winter coat.

  2. Gorgeous collection.



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