Saturday, 24 November 2012

Ji Cheng SS13 Collection - Is it Your Cup of Tea?

Titled ‘Teaism’ Chinese designer Ji Cheng took the theme of tea as inspiration for her SS13 collection. You could say this was a sweet blend of Eastern inspirations and Western tailoring.

How do you like your tea?
White Tea –The colour palette was predominantly white bringing freshness to the pieces.

Silver Needle Tea - Called because of its silvery downy tips.  Going down more of the actual colour of tea the collection included neutral shades of fawns. Adding shimmer were silvery sheens and finishes.

Black Tea. Black made an appearance on two long slim dresses. Each had a modern take on the high side slit of the mandarin dress, with one repeating the asymmetric neckline of its dress.

Green Tea.  The accent colour of course had to be green. Here were various shades of green from the subtle sage and khaki in both pale and deep tones, to the deeper and bolder grass green.

Pu erh Tea . Peach is not a colour you associate with tea, but Puerh tea has a faint hint of smokiness and a warm apricot and peach finish.  This outfit is definitely peachy. Ruching resembling the ridges formed by the rows of bushes in the tea plantations.

Tailoring is softened with an infusion of gauze reminiscent of the muslin tea bag. 

And tassels like those on the more decorative gauze tea bag

As a nod to the Chinese tea pickers, the models wore conical shaped hats made of bamboo and tied with chiffon.

Photography by Christopher Dadey


  1. Great presentation as well - like with the trail of tea on the runway.
    Have you seen the latest collection from Ji Cheng? - autumn winter 2013 images by Lin Vitali. Have a look - it's possibly more wearable.

    1. Thanks - have looked at your article on the AW13 and it is amazing. Also loving the makeup!



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