Thursday, 29 November 2012

LKC Jewellery by Lulu - Classic Rock

Like her famous song, Lulu’s brand new jewellery collection is definitely something to Shout about. Designed, chosen and worn by Lulu herself, the pieces are inspired by her unique and timeless approach to fashion with an element of rock ‘n roll chic.

Item 301471 Price £59
Exclusive to QVC and launched just a few days ago,  prices range from £32.00 to £160.00, offering a variety of necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings in base metal containing only the finest Swarovski crystals, so you can dress yourself up or down with a touch of Lulu’s sparkle.
Stretch bracelet Item 301470 Price £100
The collection combines feminine elegance with rock & roll attitude, making it at once bold and sophisticated, classic and modern, delicate and supremely confident. 
Armour stretch ring Item 301465 Price £138.50
This collection really represents my signature style. I worked with some very talented people to make pieces that have become my staples.  We called it Classic Rock because it embodies the elements of a great rock song; it inspires, transforms and is impossible to forget." says Lulu
Leather bracelet with Swarovski crystal button. Item 301468 Price £37.25
Classic Rock is the first of many exciting new collections from the LKC (Lulu Kennedy Cairns) brand. Available on or phone 0800 50 40 30
Stretch bracelet Item 301475 Price £160

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