Friday, 16 November 2012

Spring/Summer 2013 Krystof by Krystof Strozyna

The Krystof SS13 collection was inspired by Elizabeth Taylor as Helen of Troy. Why not just Helen of Troy or just Elizabeth Taylor you may ask.  Krystof wanted to create a modern incarnation of the ancient ideals of beauty rather than the classical interpretation and so design a more wearable collection for today’s woman.

The main silhouette is derived from the ancient Greek Ionic column. The Ionic is slender and taller than the other styles (Doric and Corinthian) with its capital (top part) decorated in graceful scrolls.

Like the Ionic column, the eye is drawn upwards from Krystof’s streamline body con dresses to the elegantly curved and patterned necklines which represent the column’s ornate capital.

For the looser styles, softly scrunched panels mimic the shaft contours of the column.

Architectural elements are the key feature to this collection and prints of the Ionic column adorn the lapels of matador style jackets and hug the sides of pencil skirts.

Srtozyna was also inspired by the intricate etchings of Piranesi and feature his own interpretation of viaducts and landscape on his prints.

The viaduct etching print stretches the length of trousers and sleeves elongating the arms and legs.

For texture and richness, a jacquard print is woven in to the more tailored cotton mix fabrics.

Accessories: Bangles of thick chunky resin and necklaces of printed fabric.

Shoes are a collaboration with Italian shoe designer Daniele Michetti

And violet was the obvious colour choice to make Elizabeth Taylor's violet eyes

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