Sunday, 4 November 2012

Fyodor Golan SS13 Collection

Fyodor Golan (Designer duo Fyodor Podgorny and Golan Frydman)
The collection titled The Holy Mountain drew its inspirations from Alejandro Jodorowky’s spiritual film ‘The Holy Mountain’ and also ‘The Blue Tattoo’, a book on the true story of Olive Oatman, a Victorian Mormon girl whose family were massacred by a Native American tribe while she and her sister were taken captive.

Vibrant Royal blue with pristine white made the first dramatic entrance along with the models’ tattoo makeup in a similar style to that of the real tattoo given to Olive Oatman by a kinder Native American tribe who had adopted her as one of their own.

 The tailored and structured styles restricted the models movement but looked chic and elegant embellished with peplums, lattice designs, beads and sequins. The restrictions represented the restraints of the Victorian society.

One striking outfit was heavily embellished with broken Victorian blue and white china to show the shattering of these restraints as Olive began to settle in the more relaxed Native American environment.
This outfit may not be the most comfortable or easiest to wear,
 so a more wearable option is this blue and white dress in a broken china print.

The fabrics change from the structured double Duchess and silk twills to the softer and lighter loose flowing chiffon and organza. However you can still see some Victorian elements present with embellishments of broken china and prints incorporating Victorian curiosities

 The Holy Mountain provided the spiritual backdrop for the collection combining elements of enlightenment, sexuality and transformation which translates as amber resin print and the porcelain motifs into the clothes.

The colour palette changes to fiery oranges, pinks and ambers.

The architectural hats were designed by milliner Zara Gorman and inspired by the hats worn in the film The Holy Mountain. Would look great at Royal Ascot!

The organic face sculptures were designed by jewellers Yunus & Eliza

The collection will be available in Harvey Nichols

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