Thursday, 15 November 2012

Join the Trend- Shop & Haggle on the Virtual Fashion Market of Pret A Portobello

If you like haggling for cheaper prices at the fashion markets of Portobello, Camden , Spitalfields and Brick Lane, but hate getting up early , being jostled by the market crowds or venturing out when the weather is bad, then you are going to LOVE
PrĂȘt a Portobello is a virtual fashion market and if the item you like has a ‘haggle’ tag then you can haggle a deal.
For instance this knitted Aztec jumper by PPB is priced at £36 but has a haggle tag – so haggle haggle haggle!!

Not all the items have a haggle tag but still are very affordable.
Whilst the above grey and gold box jacket from Glow price £69 has a Haggle tag, the floral pencil skirt by Louche price £45 doesn't. But you must admit the price is still great.

And if you want tips on how to haggle, watch the below video

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