Sunday, 16 April 2017

Nannic UV-Shield - Instant Spray on Sun Protection

It is important to reapply your sunscreen throughout the day, but how do you prevent your carefully applied makeup being ruined and wiped off at the first re-application of sunscreen?
Solution: You go for an instant  spray on sunshield which can be used over makeup.

Launched this year, Nannic spray on UV Shield not only protects the skin from UVB nd UVA, but has the added bonus of helping improve skin firmness, moisturising the skin, helping protect against hyperpigmentation and reducing skin scaling. It is oil free and does not stain clothes. Price £37.99

Here are some facts  to consider:

Fact 1: absorbed chemical UV-filters are scientifically known to penetrate and cause hormonal alterations.
NANNIC UV-SHIELD contains encapsulated UVB-filters. This makes it safe for human metabolism, because harmful chemical UV-filters no longer are able to penetrate into the skin.
NANNIC UV-SHIELD renders safe protection ON the skin, no harm in the skin.

Fact 2; nano sized particles and silicones are prohibited in spray form for facial applications.
NANNIC UV-SHIELD is free of nano-particles and silicons.

Fact 3: we must not only protect against burning but also against ageing.
 NANNIC UV-SHIELD also actively protects skin cells against UVA-damage.
NANNIC UV-SHIELD protects the skin towards UV-B, UV-A, infrared, and visible lights. It transforms absorbed UV into harmless thermal energy.

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