Tuesday, 11 April 2017

New: Korres Castenea Arcadia Anti Ageing Range

The new KORRES Castanea Arcadia collection is a global innovation in anti-ageing; for the first time the potent anti-wrinkle power of pure Lupeol [Chestnut Tree derived] is incorporated in a cosmetic formula to deliver optimum preventive and corrective anti-wrinkle action.

KORRES Lab focused on Lupeol; the most potent active against wrinkles, found in the Castanea leaves – a compound with scientifically proven strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant action. A significant active for the medical and pharmaceutical world that has never been used as a cosmetic ingredient before, as it cannot be diluted or absorbed by the skin.
KORRES is the first skincare company worldwide to incorporate pure Lupeol in an anti-ageing formula.
KORRES Lab developed the innovative molecule Active HALupeol. An active hyaluronic acid matrix transfers pure Lupeol to the deeper layers of the skin, for targeted, effective action.
An innovative, potent anti-wrinkle molecule, fighting wrinkles in all dimensions - depth, width, surface.
Further studies proved that Active HALupeol demonstrates both preventive and corrective anti-wrinkle action, through its activation on 3 levels – cellural, genes, extracellular matrix.
The range includes;
Anti wrinkle/firming & brightening face serum - all skin types.  94.9% natural content  £39.00
Anti wrinkle & firming day cream for dry/very dry skin 93.3% natural content £39.00
Anti wrinkle & firming day cream for normal/combination skin  95.3% natural content £39.00 ]
Anti wrinkle & firming eye cream - all skin types  96% natural content £36.00
Anti wrinkle & firming night cream - all skin types  96.1% natural content £39.00

Available from John Bell & Croyden and online: www.johnbellcroyden.co.uk

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