Saturday, 24 September 2016


David Ferreira’s SS17 collection has been inspired by the oppression of women and their sexual experiences throughout history.

 In particular Ferreira has taken inspiration from the fact that women were seen as objects and puppets instead of human beings, they were given little or no freedom and right for pleasure.

 Nellie Bly’s the ‘Ten Days in a Mad-House’ was the initial inspiration for Ferreria’s collection and he later drew upon aspects from Eric Berkowitz’s ‘Sex & Punishment 4000 Years of Judging Desire” which David believes defined the tone of his collection.

 “It’s a journey about sexual desires and urges against what society has defined as the norm and what is expected of people. It is more than about sexuality, it’s about the idea of breaking free from stereotypes and the norms that are forced upon us in many aspect of our lives. It’s about being able to not care if we fit - killing that little voice that makes us want to fit in”.

 This season Ferreira has experimented with pattern cutting and embroidery. He has used fabrics including georgettes, organza, chiffon, leather and satin.

The collection has also been divided into three colour stories, white; which includes more casual and simple designs, representing a women’s hidden desires and urges under her innocent and pure exterior.

Bright’s which will be representative of women embracing all of their desires and urges

. Finally black which includes structured pieces representing the end of wanting to fit in the crowd.

Video of the finale

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