Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Markus Lupfer SS18 Collection at London Fashion Week

Markus Lupfer’s girl travels to Florida. She is too busy to sleep; there are too many parties to go to and too many dresses to wear. The only time she lies down is beside the pool in Palm Springs.

The collection takes on a retro vibe with patterned shirt dresses which Lupfer then covers with the on trend sheer overlay for a modern twist.

Prints hint of the Art Nouveau and Art Deco style with silhouetted monkeys swinging on winding floral vines whilst the sinuous water lily and a simple four petal daisy are restrained in rows of vertical and horizontal lines.

Sequinned floral appliqu├ęs provide a touch of modesty to the fashionable sheer look on dress, skirts and blouses

Colour palette is bold with royal blue, white, orange, pinks and greens.

Statement jewellery features sequined parrots, palm trees, rainbows and butterflies wrapped around the ankles and wrists with ribbon.

This collections says it's not the city that never sleeps but the girl. 

Photograph credit: Andrew Vowles

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