Wednesday, 4 October 2017

VANLELES launches new ethical gold and diamond Sahara collection, in support of Women for Women International.

Supremely feminine and elegant, the new Sahara collection is crafted entirely from fair trade gold and delicately adorned with ethically sourced diamonds.

 Africa served as jewellery designer, Vania’s muse, as she drew inspiration from the rooftops of traditional desert and West African tribal houses, using their cone shaped form to create the centrepiece of each of her designs. This collection of contemporary, versatile gold pieces is a true celebration of the home as the sacred centre of family life.

Vania’s West African heritage, and growing up with first-hand knowledge of the gemstone trade, has imbued in her a sense of true compassion and beauty - not only of the jewels themselves, but in the responsible sourcing of them from the moment they leave the ground.

The materials are certified by the Responsible jewellery council, who ensure responsible business practices for diamonds and gold, and who address human rights, labour rights and mining practices.

Vania says “When I first heard about the work being done at Women for Women International, in Africa and beyond, I was blown away by the stories of compassion, resilience and bravery. The charity has been supporting women in Western Africa for over 17 years, serving over 56,000 women through their year-long programme in the Enugu and Plateau states of Nigeria alone. With limited access to health services and education, patriarchal norms, and mounting violence, Nigerian women continually struggle to gain economic opportunities and equality. Women for Women International empowers these women with the knowledge and support they need to earn an income, stand up for their rights and build a better future for themselves and their families. I am very proud to be a sponsor of Women for Women International, and in celebration of this partnership, am launching my first ethical gold and diamond collection, Sahara. The beauty of this collection is not only in its materials and aesthetic but also how it will help the amazing work that Women for Women International are doing around the world.”

The collection launches on the 6th September in the UK and US. Prices start from £3000.

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