Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Bora Aksu AW12 Catwalk Collection at London Fashion Week

For his AW12  collection Aksu took his inspiration from the Vivian Girls in Henry Darger’s tale ‘In the Realms of the Unreal’. 

In the tale, the young and innocent heroines find strength after enduring years of sorrow fighting a revolution against the tyrannical universe.

Portraying young innocence, necklines were high with button up collars and pussy bows,....

..... and chiffon layering brought a hazy fairytale look to the pieces.  

Colour palette was the dreamy soft shades of dusty pinks, light greys and creams.  

Knitted dresses were of soft cashmere with 3D prism shapes representing the simple childhood 50s spinning top toy.

 As the innocence was replaced the style became more structured with tailored waistcoats, jackets and capes,.....

...... and the colour palette darkened to greys, blacks and silver metallics. 

But the heroines have also found strength and this was shown in the boldness of the accent colours:

bright fuchsia, 

burnt orange 

and ruby red.

Aksu used a Baroque style print throughout the collection, both on tailored and chiffon garments.....

...... plus the soon to be ‘must have’ patterned tights. He deliberately repeated the same print to bring memories of children’s potato prints.

For more information on the collection email
Photographs by Christopher Dadey

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