Sunday, 26 February 2012

London Fashion Week AW12 - Jeffrey Michael Presentation

It was a one out one in situation at the Jeffrey Michael presentation. Had to wait in the cold for ages until people came out – why where they taking so long? My question was answered when I finally got in. it was more of a party than a presentation with wine flowing.  And oh so warm – no wonder people were not coming out. The collection was made up of the elements: Earth, Water, Wind and Fire.

EARTH: Colour palette was green, brown and taupe
The above models are wearing :
Left-  the Army Man corset and green satin skirt 
Right - The Wheat corset and taupe satin skirt.
Inspecting the bodices closely the Army Man corset was made up of tiny toy soldiers.. 
And the Wheat corset - well of wheat.
WATER: Colour palette blue and white

Dress skirts were long and flowing like water.

  The Key water dress glowed on the hips and the bodice was made up of typewriter keys.
But the actual key piece was the blue satin iridescent pearl water dress with its delicate hand finished sequins.

WIND: Colour palette shades of white and light cream

The left wind dress is made of goose feathers, whilst the right has a glowing bodice.

 FIRE:: Colour palette red.
This long fire dress is another key piece with its 2D laser cut hand applique to showcase the element of fire. To the right is the flirty Wind mini dress of goose feathers.

 This was about fusing elements of high fashion, lighting integration and layered organic texture.
Inspired by the Golden Age of Hollywood.

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