Saturday, 11 February 2012

Which Swarovski Heart will you wear for Valentine's Day?

Look dazzling in a Swarovski Heart - but which style will match your Valentine's personality?

 The flirty Roxane

Sparkling in Light Siam and Indian Pink pave, these earrings are sure to have your Valentine mesmorized as they playfully dangle from your delicate ears. The hearts are wrapped in a refined metal rope effect in rhodium plating.
Price £72 or $100
Also in a long pendant, a small pendant, ring and bangle.

The clandestine Hemisphere Heart 

With this clear crystal pave bangle, your Valentine will really have to move closer to notice the tiny open heart silhouettes. A good seductive to receive a kiss on your wrist.
Price £170 or $280
There are also hooped earrings and  a round pendant.

The feminine Alana
Dainty and feminine, but like these glittering clear crystal Pontiage earrings you're sure to have a twinkle in  your eye.
Price £67 or $90
Also in a pendant.

 The dreamy Reverie pendant

Dreaming of your Prince, these pretty pendants come in a variety of coloured crystals.
Pretty in Pink- Here the Light Rose crystal is enwrapped in a delicate Pontiage edging- all you have to do now is enrapture your Valentine's heart.
Price £69 or $95

The mysterious Citra Sphere Heart Edition watch

The Heart Edition watch allows you to be mysterious as it conceals its face with a motif of sparking heart silhouettes.
And when you're ready to reveal your heart then  remove the motif and wear as a pendant by attaching the silk cord delivered with the watch. Let the whole world know you're in LOVE!
Price £370 or $575.

All Available online

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