Thursday, 16 February 2012

Kandee SS12 Shoe Collection - LOUD!

Josh Wayman, aka 'Mr Kandee',  has named the new Kandee SS12 shoe collection LOUD! and describes it as 'fearless and sexy'.
Above is the Dalmation spotted Pinki (£170) and the platform studded Lagoon (£160). Both with the trade mark 6.1 inch heels that Kandee are known for.
An 'old' favourite returns: the Peanut Butter Crunchy Bootie (the studs represent the crunchy)  standing on a liquorice allsort stool. Price £230
But a first for Kandee are the flat Kandee Sneakers and the Kandee Ballet Pumps.
The sneakers are a thirsty lot with ... the colour block Tang Pop Sneaker (£140) and ...
.... the fizzy Dirty Lemonade sneaker, price £180.
Here the Blue Raspberry Dragee ballet pump (price £120) sits sweetly on a chocolate liquorice allsort puff with the blue Smartees shoe price £160.
Living up to the LOUD name is the silver Screamer at £190 ...
and the 80s retro style blue & red Wham at £200.
Similar to the Screamer is the pretty in pink Caramelo at £190

Going tangy are the retro sherbert pips court shoes with their fruity names:
Left is the Oranges & Lemons at £140
Right is the Apple Sours at £140
The Loud shoe, the collection was named after (or was it the other way round?), is lip smacking 'Kandeelicious' . Price £180.
At the Kandee launch glamour model and media personality Nicola Mclean wears their AW11 Diamond shoes whilst eyeing up the new Screamer bootie..... 
... and TOWIE star Amy Childs shows off the new smiley face yellow Addict bootie whilst wearing their AW11 Lemonade boots.
The new collection will be available online from 1 March.

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