Sunday, 5 February 2012

Up and Coming Shoe Designers from London College of Fashion

London College of Fashion’s Graduate School showcased the work of more than 200 students throughout a festival of events running during January and February 2012.
Being a bit of a shoe-aholic, here's a few of the up and coming shoe designers:

Vivian Ying
Kyoto sandal
Inspired by the Japanese Kimono, she adapts the aesthetics and principles of Kimono wrapping into the scale and techniques of footwear.
Heian Sandal
Lots of layering with the main colour palette of different shades of light blues..
Ryu Sandal Boot
Here is Vivian showing her feet are firmly on the ground.
For more images of her collection go to

Adriana Iurascu
Minnie the Moocher shoe

Adriana has already set up her own business called Emilia Suflet where she has put together a team with talents beyond the traditional footwear and has decided to make all her shoes in London

Zaz Zuh Zaz shoe
Devilette shoe

Dirty That Makes Me shoe
See more of her collection on: 

 Chi (Cherry) Yuen

Cherry has taken inspiration from Surrealism - think Dali.....

.....and Alice in wonderland.

More images on her own website:

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