Saturday, 10 March 2018

Amy Thomson AW18 at London Fashion Week

Amy Thomson launches her playful AW18 collection 'Chasin' Dreams', inspired by youthful aspirations.
I wanna be a baker

Each look in the collection presents a character based on a profession seen from a child's perspective. Thomson poses the question - what does a Princess, Baker and Hairdresser look like through a child's unaffected eyes? How are these career paths defined in the mind of a child without any preconceptions?
I wanna be a princess

 From this conceptual beginning, Amy has created eight complete looks that embody a magical aesthetic, bringing to life the idea of focusing on your dreams.
I wanna be a hairdresser

 Thomson creates this magical feel with her larger-than-life hand rendered drawings that hold a distinctive and charming naivety, ensuring no two garments are the same.
I wanna be a teacher 

 With dreamlike prints, motifs and illustrations referencing each character appear throughout the narrative of the collection.
I wanna be a fashion designer 
Colour palette is traditionally girly of baby pinks, fuchsia, rose  with royal blues and lilacs.

Fabrics include silks, faux fur, metallic leathers adorned with bows, ribbons and frills.
I wanna be a nurse

Headwear collaboration with Katie Hamlett from Sassy Freak
I wanna be a singer

Video of the presentation

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