Saturday, 10 March 2018

Merit Award Winner, Fortie Label AW18 at London Fashion Week

Merit Award winner Essie Buckman and her brand Fortie Label, draws inspiration from 'Forty Thieves', an all-female London crime syndicate who were infamously known for their antics from 19th to mid 20th century.

Combining this inspiration with elements of 90's R&B female Hip-Hop 'Video Vixen' stars, the collection plays on sexuality and female empowerment.This paired with a sophisticated approach to niche themes within black culture, the noughties and iconic women in history feed into each collection.

 Oversized boiler-suit silhouettes are paired with elements of sportsluxe, feminine glamour and hints of beachwear.

 This season also sees the return of the brands signature Triple Hooded Jacket, reinvented in an array of fabrics and lengths, alongside a revamped corset in Denim, influenced by bullet proof vests.

Cropped hoodies are teamed with high waisted PVC shorts, whilst sheer fabric tracksuits, overlay bikinis with bamboo detailing, created through a collaboration with swimwear designer Louisa Ballou.

Shoe collaboration with Erin Alexis
Photography by Reece and Dean
Video of finale

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