Monday, 5 March 2018

INIFD x LST presents: Roshni Shirwas AW18 at London Fashion Week

The Indian based Inter National institute of Fashion Design (INIFD) x The London School of Trends (LST) showcased the capsule collections of 18 student designers and graduates from across India.
Roshni Shirwas' collection gives a contemporary twist to the folk and tribal traditions of Madhya Pradesh, a large state in Central India, such as Baigha art and Bagh printing

Here the Baiga tribe live and tattoo art is an important tradition , especially for the women who can be covered with tattoos all over their body. Shriwas' linear patterns represent the tattoo art the women wear.

Bagh printing (named after the town) is a tradition of block printing using natural ingredients where the carved wooden block is dipped into a tray of natural dye and then stamped onto the fabric. The detail is precise with no blurring or bleeding of the dye.The below cocktail dress shows a similar example of the block printing patterns used.

Jewellery accessories are crafted by hand by Anisha Parmar London finding inspiration in the melting pot of mutli cultural London

Photography by Simon Armstrong

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