Saturday, 10 March 2018

Simon Mo AW18 at London Fashion Week

Titled 'Aerial Display' Simon Mo's AW18 collection was inspired by British photojournalist Jimmy Nelson’s book 'Before they Pass Away'.

A series of stunning images and portraits from the book documented some of the world’s most remote communities and indigenous people in 44 countries around the world.

 Among these is Papua New Guinea, a country located in the western South Pacific, with countless tribes of primitive peoples who are famous for decorating their body with tattoos, plant fibers with colours borrowed from one of the most exquisite creatures of the world - Bird of Paradise (also known as Bliss Bird).

In the natural world, males tend to attract the attention of females in an exaggerated manner, as is the Bird of Paradise. When male paradise birds make their own courtesies through “Aerial display”, exaggerated gestures including flying, floating, jumping or even hanging upside down in the air are for gaining favors with the female birds.

 It is this particular interests in natural wonders that inspired designer Simon Mo, to transform the plumages of the birds into clothing that adorns the female body.

 Simon Mo blends smart casual and sport couture  - short sleeved duster coat paired with long knit sweater and mini skirt.

 tailored suits interlaced with retro sportswear

Mo applied extensive collages and high colour contrast to stimulate the warmth for a winter collection.

with pastel colour blocking on coats

A particular emphasis on nature and the beauty of our world, Simon wants to bring to people attention about the truth of the ecological damage and climate change gradually deprive the natural species and the primitive peoples' place of existence, before they pass away
Photography by Simon Armstrong

. Video of the finale

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