Sunday, 4 March 2018

Apu Jan AW18 at London Fashion Week

Titled 'Drifting In A Million Stars', the collection tells a story about the distance between the stars.
Photo by Chris Dawes. 
Just a note- look closely and you can see frumpy to funky (blonde hair) on the front row of the above image! Sorry I was drifting myself there. Now back to drifting in a million stars!
Tiny sparkles remind us of the stars in the sky but are also reminiscent of the lights alerting us to the presence of friends and family members online in messaging and social apps.
The numerous signals are the connections between countless sparkles drifting between us.

Whilst creating an original theme, this collection has also been influenced by many different styles of science fiction literature such as those written by Philip K Dick, Isaac Asimov and Orson Scott Card and their psychedelic imagination of the stars afar.

Jacquard, prints and natural draping create timeless silhouettes which may be interpreted as retro or futuristic. Look closely and you will see space, stars, orbital tracks, astronauts, stellar clouds, spaceships, sheep, trains and paper plane on the below print.

Fabrics consist of different types of wool such as cashmere, merino, lamb wool

and also pure silk yarn in knit.

ApuJan has also developed its own fabric in collaboration with manufacturers including semi 3 dimensional, imitation embroidery fabric,

Which also can be seen on the footwear.

Plus pure silk and digital print.

The combination of traditional and oriental elements with a contemporary twist; blending bold with a touch of casualness can be found in each collection and recognised as Apu Jan’s essence.

Photography credit: Simon Armstrong and Chris Dawes
Video finale:

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