Sunday, 11 March 2018

Ilaria Lepore AW18 at London Fashion Week

Titled 'whats The Next Evil'  Ilaria Lepore's AW18 gives a visual insight into the tribal power of the roots. By using black exclusively in her designs, this accentuates the shape and the cut of the pieces, as well as experimenting with shadows and silhouettes.

The minimal silhouettes were taken from Ilaria’s reminiscence of punk rebellion with explorations within the extremities offered by the innate insanity.

  Black leather jackets with slogans such as ''Who's The Next Star?'' and “What's the Next Evil?” painted on the back explores concepts of sexual power, spiritual awakening and rebellion.

 Female models wore vinyl bodysuits and leather, lace up biker boots inciting female empowerment. Leather belts were a key accessory, they were wrapped tightly round the model’s thighs inferring an erotica element to the collection.

Precious wools, silks and leathers were used to create texture within the all-black outfits. Oversized  chunky knit jumpers  with leather belted sleeves surge together like a peacock creature..

Minimal style silhouette all draw the attention to the feminine power of renewal and transformation embedded by a royal peacock symbol. Peacock feathers adorn oversized jumpers.

Footwear by Grinders
Hosiery by Woolford
Photographer Lucie Rox

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