Thursday, 1 March 2012

Francesca Marotta AW12 Catwalk show at London Fashion Week

Titled ‘Amore della mia Vita’ meaning ‘Love of my Life’ Marotta was inspired by the strong Sicilian women who have loved and lost someone close to them. 
 She looked back to her own childhood when she would watch the processions of men dressed as Jesus whipping themselves. The models here were definitely not in to flagellation but instead wore thorny like tangled hair crowns over their sleek hairstyles.
The colour palette was deep black with splashes of crimson red. The use of red ranged from  just peeping through the arm slits of a black cape to the all over colour of a long trailing red lace robe and matching mini skirt.  A touch of phosphorescent yellow, bright blue and red in the jewellery by Milko Boyarov represented the ray of hope that one day Sicily will stop oppressing their woman and let them stand out and be free.

The fabrics made up for the sombre black with luxurious laces, brocade prints on wools, leather panels, silk and loosely knitted hand knits. This tailored wool coat has been given a romantic touch with intricate lacing on the sleeves. And check out the matching lace applique on the shoes!

My favourite was this wrap woollen coat in marbled effect grey tied with a black leather belt. You may not want to wear the model’s tangled crown but this coat is crying out for a Russian style faux fur hat. Also loving the  brightly coloured tights.

For the finale, a 1930s Hollywood style gothic heroine with voluminous curly hair posed theatrically in a figure hugging diaphanous long lace dress and dramatic Bishop's sleeves. Accessorized with a red thorny crown and a red blood tear stained face. 

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Photographs by Shahid Mailk

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