Saturday, 3 March 2012

Pam Hogg AW12 Catwalk collection at London Fashion Week

The show started quite innocently.....

..... with a modern take on the sweet crinoline bow peep style dress and bonnet in a bold geometric pattern. 

Then the catsuits came out to play – first in the same head to toe geometric patterns and still with the bonnet.

Then in  colour palette of monochrome with  a sci fi  metallic silver. Panels of transparent chiffon crept in to the designs.

The crinoline dress also changed to monochrome and silver. 

Fur trim appeared in both the silver catsuit and the crinoline dress, with a flash of red . High collar on the catsuit replaced the bonnet

Metallic gold  and copper came in to the mix . The Bonnet extended outwards in a conical shape concealing more of the face. The skirt became more fluid without its crinoline cage.

The catsuits became risque with more chiffon panels appearing.

Until they practically took over the outfit.

 Actress Jaime Winstone contrasted among the sleek catsuits as she modelled a  knitted polo neck jumper and matching crinoline skirt. 

An ethereal chiffon 'nightdress' looked innocent enough until the model walked down the runway to reveal the back.  

And the finale outfit was of daring red ribbons and bows. 

More info via
Photographer: Brian O’Sullivan and a few blurry ones from the frumpy to funky mobile.

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