Monday, 5 March 2012

Transitions Lenses -The ideal Transitional Accessory from Winter to Spring

Whatever the season , a pair of sunglasses is the accessory to wear when the sun is shining. Alas sometimes we forget to take them out when the weather is cold and then get caught out by the glaring sun.
Face a Face - Begum 3
But for those of us with less than 20:20 vision Transition Lenses will make sure that's a thing of the past.

Their prescription lenses adapt to sunlight, turning from clear glass indoors, to sunglass lenses in damaging sunlight, blocking out 100% of harmful rays
Face A Face - Kazan 3
 They are now more advanced than ever with shorter tinting time and more sensitive light management technology.
Face A Face - Kazan 1
And the great advantage is that you don't have to sacrifie on style as they partner with several of the most well regarded frame makers throughout Europe to provide the most luxurious of designs. 
The above designs are all from the French brand Face A Face who design their frames along the themes of architechure, contemporary design and international fashion.

Other brands include British designer Tom Davies, Danish designer brand Lindberg, Belgian label Theo.
And for eco frames they partner with Italian frame designers Modo Eyewear who are producing the most state of the art frames with an environmental conscience.

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