Friday, 23 March 2012

Melvita's new Rose Nectar collection - Blooming Lovely!

Melvita's new Rose Nectar collection is a bouquet of rose ingredients:
Moroccan Rose enfleurage to moisturise
Iranian Rose floral water to hydrate
Chilean Rosehip seed oil to regenerate
French Rose seed milk to soothe
Damascena Rose essential oil to nurture

The Rose Nectar collection provides hydration in 3 steps:
Provides Moisture – the rose floral water directly supplies moisture to the outermost layer of the skin
Locks  in Moisture- These 5 roses act in synergy to help prevent water loss by maintaining the quality of the hydrolipidic film (the skin’s own natural protective barrier of water and oils) and better cohesion between corneocytes (cells of the outer skin layer)
Distributes Moisture – the wild rose petal extract stimulates the synthesis of aquaporins (proteins that regulate the flow of water in cells) for better hydrated cells. This allows the diffusion of moisture through the skin cell layers to the heart of the cells.

The Hero product of the range is the Moisturizing Rose Nectar £24
For normal to dehydrated skin.
Has rose floral water to directly provide moisture, rose bud extract to retain moisture and wild rose petal extract to stimulate the circulation of moisture in the epidermis.

Fresh Micellar Water £14.50
This cleanses, removes make up and tones in one single step. Is gentle enough for use on the eyes.

Fresh Cleansing Milk £14.50
Removes make up and nourishes the skin to relieve tightness and leave the skin soft and supple. For face and eyes.

Moisture-replenishing Facial Gel £24
For normal to combination skin
Lightly moisturises with rose floral water, rose seed milk and wild rose petals whilst rice powder maintains a fresh matte complexion.

Available from Melvita stores in St. Martin's courtyard in Covent Garden London and the Exchange Shopping Centre in Putney London. Or go online:

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