Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Juicy Couture hosts a Masquerade Ball for Fifi Lapin

Juicy Couture hosted a masquerade ball at their London boutique in Bruton Street, to celebrate their collaboration with the world’s most stylish bunny - the one and only Fifi Lapin. 
Fifi Lapin with boyfriend Sonny Hare

Fifi, the sole 'hare-essto her father’s carrot and lettuce shares, and Juicy Couture collaborated to bring out a stylish collection of sketch books, greeting cards, clutch, handbag  and two silk scarves, most emblazoned with imagesd of Fifi and her boyfriend Sonny Hare
Loving the two silk scarves!
The red features Fifi and Sonny on a trip around the world and the white features Fifi in various gorgeous Juicy Couture outfits.
Here are those outfits also on the cover of a sketch book.. 

For the bag and clutch, Fifi decided not to have her image on the pattern and opted for a large pink bow instead.

Music was played by DJ Becky Tong with a selection of the Juicy Couture/Fifi Lapin merchandise behind her. (The bag is in the top left hand corner.)
Champagne was flowing and plenty of Fifi cupcakes to eat.....

....... plus yummy yummy Fifi chocolate cakes on a stick which seem to breed like rabbits - we'd devour them but they'd just kept popping up from nowhere. Not that we were complaining. 
Mask and invitation
Thanks Juicy Couture and the Communications Store for a great evening.
Juicy Couture's London address: 27 Bruton Street, W1

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