Sunday, 4 March 2012

Lako Bukia AW12 Catwalk Collection at London Fashion Week

Silver metallic cloth flowed like a moonlit stream down the catwalk – thoughts immediately conjured up the colour palette was going to include silver metallic and maybe have a darker feel to her previous collections.
And I was not disappointed
The colour palette was black, silver and pewter.

Fabrics of lurex, matt and metallic leather, matt suede, matte wool and black chiffon. 

 Skirt shapes included the skater style with a touch of the 50's prom look.....

..... and the short body con pencil skirt

Titled Broken Mirrors, this was her inspiration and the belief that if you break a mirror it will bring bad luck.  Her AW12 designs are for strong women who are not afraid to face their fears and so challenge the broken mirror myth.

 The leather was either in jagged geometric patches separated by chiffon or jersey representing the broken mirror........

.....or on metallic leather trousers, pencil skirts and coat sleeves as a tactile shattered glass pattern design.

The finale dress summed up the whole inspiration with its billowing ethereal long skirt and its delicate diaphanous chiffon top covered in twinkling mirrored shards – showing an Amazonian feminine strength ready to conquer all fears.
 Her signature chunky triangular heels are a favourite of mine but this season she introduced a triangular heel made of  a  broken clear ‘glass’ which glimmered in the light – now a new favourite.

I’m sure this Broken Mirror collection will dispel the bad luck myth and will bring only good luck to this talented designer.

Check out for UK stockists
Photographer: Christopher Dadey with a few of frumpy to funky blurry mobiles images.

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