Sunday, 4 March 2012

Prose AW12 Catwalk Collection at London Fashion Week

Designer Miriam Lehle likes to take her inspiration from certain materials which catch her eye.

 This season it started with a blue curtain which she cut into pieces to create something new

and woven shoe leather.

The shoe leather became black oblong patches edged with brown leather stitching and adorned plain black trousers and skirts  in neat rows giving a cool beatnik appearance

Lehle also  ingeniously changed this leather in to black and brown speckled pheasant-like feather fringing in both short and long lengths. 

The shorter fringing brought a raw edge to flapper style 60s shift dresses and  below the knee pencil skirts. Loving the leather fringed cuff.

And the longer fringing brought a  Wild West boho feel.
The blue curtain became a delicate overlay of skeletal wispy threads kept together by panels covering dresses and tops.

A true autumnal palette of browns, rusts, dark reds and intense dark blue.

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