Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Get Marilyn Monroe's Sparkling Look with QVC Diamonique

Marilyn Monroe passed away 50 years ago this August and a new exhibition at the Getty Images Gallery (open until May 23rd)in London is celebrating her life with 66 largely unseen Monroe images from its 90 million-strong archive, plus new video footage and 12 of her most memorable outfits.
For Marilyn, diamonds were a girl's best friend. If you can't indulge in diamond jewellery then the next best friend is Diamonique at QVC. 
Here's a few pieces to help you get Marilyn Monroe's sparkling look:

Diamonique stones are one of the finest simulations of a diamond that you can buy.  Every stone is expertly cut by hand in the same way that natural diamonds are to enhance the flawless clarity, colour, consistency and brilliance of every piece. The carat size of a Diamonique diamond is also measured in exactly the same way as a real diamond so a one carat Diamonique stone is as close as possible in size and appearance to a one carat diamond.
The only thing that’s different is the price tag!

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