Saturday, 24 March 2012

Central Saint Martins Jewellery 2013 Runway Show - Neutopia

Central Saint Martins held its first jewellery runway show at the new campus, Granary Building, Kings Cross.
Titled Neutopia, this show reflected an awakening of senses and the mind, describing the ascension into a new Utopia.
 Thirty nine 2nd year BA students showcased their designs using sustainable materials. Here's a few:
Sarah Narici

Concentrating on the 2012 apocalypse premonitions of obliteration and destruction, Narici’s work focused on a symbiosis of terror and elation in face of change and the prospect of rebirth.  Chunky metallic bulbous forms surround the neck as a choker and cascade down the body. Hope springs up in the form of the colourful green, yellow and orange fringing as shoots and buds bursting into new life. 

Min Kyung Lee

Rebirth & Recycled created by knitting with jersey fabric and recycled rope

Momi Momii
Titled Nostalgic Futurism

Natha Khunprasert
Inspired by the head adornments of the Surma and Mursi tribes of Ethiopia.

Payson Ni
Materials used: painted card paper and fabric. Inspired by Chinese architecture of Han dynasty and mixing with western elements.

Wonjung Han
Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you

Yona Kato
‘Chameleon’ created with sisal, kitenge, kanga, balloons, latex sheets, garnets and wire.

Beatrice Bongiasca
Red gold plated chain adorned with fluorescent Perspex rod and neon accents woven into copper

Bella Mung
Questioning the beauty of a woman’s figure

Benita Gikaite
Gikaite wants to spread the awareness that everything we consume has its side effects and consequences, thus this piece is Cornucopia the horn of plenty showing its dark side.

Claudia Rice
Rice draws inspiration from the old African tradition of the Benin bronze armlets which were presented to brides as their dowry. Beads signify pride, power and identity and the colour red symbolises courage and bravery. 

Go Un Lee
Lee's piece blends abstract with traditional. The piece creates a new language of movement with volume and layered shapes. The idea of having the face partially covered came from the African tribal masks.

Lin Huang
Many layers of new materials and artificial colours are used to represent the future atmosphere and create a new scene of Africa

Maja Rohl
The piece is made from frayed and dyed rope . Rohl drew her inspiration from the animal kingdom combining both primal and present.

Serena Wilson
Inspired by snakes shedding their skin, Serena has tried to encapture the beauty before it was discarded.

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